The 7 Best Job Search Sites to Easily Land Your Dream Job – WWD

The 7 Best Job Search Sites to Easily Land Your Dream Job – WWD

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The Internet has evolved into the most essential tool for job searching. But there are hundreds of job search websites and finding the right one can be a job in itself. From ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder to Monster and LinkedIn, career and job search engines run the gamut and vary in what they offer.

What to Look for in the Best Job Search Sites

To help make the choice easier, the editorial staff here reviewed the leading job search sites, so you don’t have to. We then picked our top seven favorites, listed below. Here are the criteria we used, which can also help you choose a site.

  • Ease of use: The best sites are easy to navigate and use and rely on AI-powered technology and large databases to make searches fast and efficient. And standout websites, such as ZipRecruiter, the #1 rated job search app on IOS and Android, should be optimized for mobile devices.
  • Relevancy: Job search sites should have relevant listings that are clear, easy to read, and match your search criteria. If the site uploads your resume, it should make sensible matches.
  • Search terms: The best sites we looked at use AI to help guide and sharpen search terms. Sites should be searchable by job title, type, and location as well as if it is permanent, temporary, part-time, full-time, or contract-based, among other types.

Here are the top 7 job search websites to match you with your next move.

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1. ZipRecruiter

Our pick for the best job site overall is, where candidates who are invited to apply are nearly three times as likely to get hired. This job search site is also easy to use, has a mobile interface, and includes a personal navigation bar that keeps track of searches. offers tabs for suggested jobs, applied for jobs, and saved jobs. The site is searchable by job title or key as well as location (or remote). When you upload your resume, the site keeps track of which employers looked at it.

One of’s secret weapons is a salary search feature, which showcases detailed information about pay while also presenting a sidebar of relevant jobs. For example, typing in “Google IT Certificate” reveals a bar graph showing either yearly, monthly, weekly, or hourly salaries of qualified candidates. In this case, the national average for a Google IT Certificate employee is $67,881 per year. But that’s not all. The results page also shows what the position pays by city and includes similar jobs and roles.

Employer Pro Tip: features your company brand in the listing, which makes it stand out.

2. Glassdoor

At number two is, which is not a traditional job search engine. The search function is simple, and users can set up alerts, filter results by salary, and location. What makes this a favorite career site is the review feature. Users can search by company name and find an overall rating of the company as well as reviews from current and former employees. The comments are frank, but should be taken with a grain of salt, since most of the reviews don’t disclose exact circumstances.

Employer Pro Tip: Read the reviews regularly. It’s an unfiltered look at how employees view your company.

3. FlexJobs

We also like the job search site is because it specializes in remote, hybrid and flexible jobs — a trend that blossomed during the pandemic as the “Great Resignation” shifted employee priorities. The site is no-frills, and offers search by job, keyword, and location, but, again, the strength is that the focus is on flexible and remote positions. The site also features career support resources and skill-building courses and tests.

Employer Pro Tip: As a site for hybrid and remote work, companies are easily matched with the people looking for exactly that type of work. Fast and efficient.

4. Monster made the list because it’s a monster of a site. The job search function is all business, and the site itself is clean and easy to use. Aside from the standard search, has a salary tool, career advice, and resume help pages. And below the main job search bar is a list of trending and popular searches.

Employer Pro Tip: has an AI-powered match function that rates candidates for your position. Like a dating app.

5. Getwork comes in next on our list for its ease of use and simple functionality. This job search site traces its roots back to JobGig, a media company launched 20 years ago. As, the site offers a hassle-free search that is verified, accurate and updated daily. Job seekers apply directly through the employer’s website listing.

Employer Pro Tip: offers companies custom marketing to target the right talent.

6. LinkedIn is on our list since it not only has jobs, but also because it is a powerful networking platform. In fact, we consider it more of career-focused social media platform. The site offers detailed profiles, position listings, and a recommendations listing. The networking capabilities are endless, but be prepared to have a strategy and do some research.

Employer Pro Tip: Setting up a company page is easy and effective but creating a group page with members can create a real community. Posting from a group page is a great way to showcase your brand and corporate culture.

7. Indeed is the granddaddy of job search engines with over 250 million unique visiting each month. The mega-site offers job seekers free access to search for jobs and post their resume as well as research a company. The site also includes reviews and salary data. is easy to navigate, and the site has tools to help job seekers build their career — such as listings for certificate programs and continuing education.

Employer Pro Tip: serves as an interface between seekers and you, and includes negotiation capabilities.

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