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Before applying for any new job, the most important step to take is to ensure the company you’re applying to is the right fit for you. Also, researching about your potential employer will only make you confident and have a clear perspective of what you’re looking for.

So here’s a list of websites aimed to help you ease your job-applying experience.

Glassdoor is the most well-known platform among job-seekers, with millions of jobs and insider information on companies. You get access to a number of job reviews (posted anonymously) where users rank their employers based on a five-star scale and list pros and cons.

Additionally, Glassdoor allows you to get an insight into salaries, employee benefits, company culture, and even compare companies on the basis of various other workplace factors to decide the best for you. The site also offers information on potential interview questions, which can help you to prepare well and be one step ahead of the rest.

Similar to Glassdoor, Indeed is another platform where you can discover how it’s like to work at a prospective company. While the site is best known for aggregating millions of job listings across the internet, you can also tap into information about company compensation and benefits, work-life balance, career advancement, culture, and more.

You can scroll through the reviews of employees by category and even find the most useful review curated by the site at the top of the list. Besides, you can ask to browse through the questions answered by employees and even ask one of your concerns.

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LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and also a powerful research tool you can use to know more about your potential employer.

You can use advanced search options to follow the company profile and have an overview of its work culture. If you’re having premium access, the platform gives you the advantage of taking a comprehensive look at new hires, employee distribution according to function, median tenure, and more.

Furthermore, if you have existing connections at the company you’re applying for, you may want to ask questions or network with the best in your field to understand the right approach.

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Comparably is one of the best platforms for an in-depth look at company culture and compensations. The site has millions of reviews providing you transparency with a score tracked down on every workplace aspect including culture, diversity, gender, salaries, development, team, and interview experience.

It also offers an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) that tracks employees’ answers to how likely they’re to recommend working at their workplace to a friend.

On top of that, you can browse the companies based on their top-rated CEOs, most candidates, salaries for executive teams, awards, and recent Q&As.

Blind is an anonymous professional forum and community where employees can discuss industry-related issues and topics.

It provides you with a platform for honest opinions of employees on companies, work-life balance, career growth, culture, salaries, and management in private company channels and group chats.

Furthermore, Blind verifies that registered users work at the company they claim to work for by using their work email and maintains anonymous user identities.

If you are looking for negotiating a salary for the job you’re applying for or currently in, might be the right platform for you. The site helps you with crowdsourced data and salary charts, so you know about where you stand in the industry and get paid accordingly. has a huge compiled database of thousands of companies, including tech giants like Apple and Google. The platform validates all the data by using verified offer letters, W2 statements, and identity verification.

Additionally, the site has other features you can benefit from like a salary calculator, compare benefits, compensation, and access to premium one-on-one negotiation coaching and resume review.

Previously known as Vault, Firsthand.Co provides you employer reviews, ratings, and rankings on over 5,000 companies in over 120 industries.

With its paid Insider program, the website offers you in-depth information about the company’s financial performance, its employees’ performance, mergers and acquisitions, career opportunities, salary and benefits, interview process, and reputation in the industry.

Besides, you can also choose to have one-on-one interactions with recruiters and employees from top-ranked companies.

If you’re someone who’s looking for happiness and job satisfaction, CareerBliss might be the best option for you.

With over 8 million job postings, 4 million salaries, and 700,000 company reviews, CareerBliss allows you to find companies for a happier career. Like any other platform on this list, CareerBliss offers you employee reviews, the average salary of a company, links to job openings, company salary distribution, and more.

Also, it offers an exclusive feature known as ‘Bliss Score’, which includes several user-generated data points including pay-scale, job satisfaction, and employee happiness.

The Muse is another platform that allows you to explore companies based on categories like industry, size, benefits, and leadership.

You can learn about your potential employer by viewing the photos, mission statements, headquarter locations, videos about the corporate culture, key employees, and more on their profile. You can also find links to the organization’s social media pages and explore content about working at the associated company.

Besides, the Muse offers advice for jobseekers as well as opportunities to connect with coaches and take courses.

If you’re researching about the company you’re applying for and the only resources you can find about a company are from the organization itself, with little insight from the company’s past or current employees, you might consider branching out to get another perspective.

Quora can help you ask questions about nearly any of your concerns, and people will reach out to share their experiences and opinions. You can even scroll through postings to see if anyone else has asked it before and read those responses instead. This could be a great way to gain insight into a company or specific field of work.

Get Job-Ready With These Useful Websites

The sites on this list will help you gain a better understanding of your recruiter in order to keep you from making a bad decision.

If you decide to apply for the job, researching the employer beforehand will not only set you apart from other candidates, but also set you up for success.

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