Sample Resume With No Experience | – Monster Jobs

Sample Resume With No Experience | – Monster Jobs

Get your first job or switch careers by optimizing a well-structured resume that spotlights your fortes.

Sample Resume With No Experience | – Monster Jobs

A lack of work experience can make searching for a job seem daunting and discouraging. But there’s no need to worry—everyone has to start at one point or another. Or re-start. Or re-assess. It’s all part of the career game. There are ways to create a resume with no experience that radiates your qualities, skills, knowledge, and accomplishments so far. And we’re going to make it as painless as possible by providing a template that will help get you started—whether you’re a first-time job seeker or looking to change careers.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when putting together a resume with no experience:

  • Make sure the formatting is simple and clean, with selective design elements that guide the eye to your talents, strengths, and any relevant achievements.
  • Include a pithy summary statement up-top that meshes your personality with your professional aspirations.
  • Showcase what makes you a remarkable candidate—is there any unique volunteer work you want to highlight? Did you build an award-winning prototype of some sort while acing your college courses? Or maybe you’re insanely adept at extracting obscure or hard-to-find research bits in your field?

Ultimately, just avoid clutter, make it easy to navigate for recruiters, and focus on your greatness—and you’ll see how a resume with no work experience can still get you the job of your dreams.

Resume With No Experience

Ace Ventura

Los Angeles, CA 90006 | 555-555-5555 | [email protected] |

Entry-Level Financial Advisor

Results-oriented student-athlete and valued team player with a record of academic success in a rigorous Accounting and Finance program while gaining sales experience—highly motivated to launch a financial services career as a Financial Advisor. Track record of hitting quotas, prospecting, and going the extra mile to deliver personalized solutions to clients. An influential team leader who earns trust through exceptional interpersonal, communication, and relationship-building skills. Takes ownership for achieving goals and follows through diligently.

Skill Set & Computer Proficiency:

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel; Salesforce CRM; Google Teams

Financial Planning; Poise Under Pressure; Relationship Building

Analytical Thinking; Energy & Persistence; Problem Solving & Reasoning


B.A. in Accounting and Finance (graduated in 20XX) – GPA: 3.7 – University One – Los Angeles, CA

Relevant Coursework:

Investments and Portfolio Management; Financial Statement Analysis; Wealth Management

Financial Planning; Business Law & Ethics; Organizational Behavior

Business Strategy; Principles of Marketing; Public Speaking


Summa Cum Laude; Dean’s List all semesters

Extracurricular Activities and Awards

NCAA Division III Men’s Lacrosse Team

  • Varsity Letter Recipient freshman year: Committed 20-25 hours per week to train, travel, and provide leadership during collegiate competitions while maintaining a full course load.
  • Selected as MVP, 20XX.


Sales Intern | Company One, Los Angeles, CA | 20XX – 20XX

Brought on board as a paid intern to grow revenue and achieve quotas through door-to-door sales and field management by identifying potential clients, assessing their needs, and presenting products to address them. Prepared daily, weekly, or monthly reports on progress against goals.


  • Driven by the desire to succeed, excelled in a fast-paced environment, closed 25 contracts in the first 30 days.
  • Acquired skills in prospecting, building rapport, overcoming objections, and securing business as evidenced by meeting quota of 3 deals in 1 week—contributing to team’s success in a company-wide sales contest.
  • Practiced pitch; confidently explained the benefits and prices of company products and services to prospects.

Community Service

Volunteer Coach | Organization One, Los Angeles, CA | 20XX – 20XX

Assisted coach in developing fundamental skills, motivation, and joy for the sport amongst underprivileged teens.


  • Proved the ability to multitask, assisting with day-to-day operations while handling coaching, sales, and event coordination.

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Having little or no experience is one of the more common barriers to employment that plague plenty of people, and having a solid resume can help show employers that you are both capable and deserving of consideration for any number of jobs. But there’s another option available to you: Search for jobs in fields that you can more readily enter without experience. For example, check out these options:

Plus, you can go over all the jobs available to candidates with no experience on Monster to find the one that may be the best fit for you.

Boost Your Career Even With a Resume With No Experience

Overwhelmed by the challenge you’re facing—and the many resume-with-no-experience examples you’ve encountered in the vast void of cyberspace? Monster’s got your back. Our certified resume experts can polish and perfectly tailor your resume to reflect your true potential and help you find the career you’ve always wanted. Or are you here to switch that path? No problem. Our resume writers will get you set up and ready to re-launch in no time!

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