Network Engineer Resume Sample | – Monster Jobs

Network Engineer Resume Sample | – Monster Jobs

Connect with employers in the IT field with our in-depth resume sample for network engineers.

Network Engineer Resume Sample | – Monster Jobs

As a network engineer, working with computer systems, servers, and routers is your forte. Working with words? Maybe not so much. Presenting your skills, work experience, and accomplishments on your network engineer resume may be challenging, but Monster can help you get started.

In the field of network engineering, hard skills are key. But employers aren’t only interested in the fact that you’re a Cisco pro—they want to see results. Briefly discuss your strengths in your network engineer resume summary, focusing on how they’ll ultimately benefit the business.

Then, provide a list of relevant skills such as troubleshooting, project management, and soft skills in your core competencies section. If you’re an experienced senior network engineer, resume skills might need to be split up into two different sections of core or soft skills and technical skills. Follow up with your key accomplishments. For example, if you launched infrastructure at your last job, briefly describe how you did it and what the results were.

Don’t be afraid to continue onto a second page if you have years of experience. You can refer to our network engineer resume sample to learn how to write each section of your resume for an application that will get you into that interview chair.

Network Engineer Resume


555-555-5555 • Boston, MA 00000 • [email protected]


IT | Project Management | Communication Systems

Results-driven Network Engineer with in-depth knowledge and experience in planning, strategizing, and implementing new IT solutions facilitating corporate growth. Ability to successfully manage projects, supervise and motivate people. Utilizes a hands-on approach to root-cause analysis and troubleshooting efforts to resolve product performance issues. Collaborates cross-functionally to set project goals and timelines. Delivers results by maximizing organizational effectiveness and sustainability via leadership and problem-solving skills. Bilingual in English and Spanish.


Project Management

Supervisory Skills


Vendor/Contractor Management

Contract Negotiations

Innovative Technology

Systems Integration

Strategic Design

Cost Effectiveness

Problem Solving

Time Management

Oral & Written Skills


  • Launched Infrastructure: Introduced, implemented, and managed the company’s network from the ground up, progressively growing and expanding it to two other global locations.
  • Streamlined and Increased Productivity: Identified several workflow processes that were enhanced and increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Manufacturing/Sales Support: Successfully supports and encourages use of new technology, increasing sales and profitability, expanding network to over 30 virtual/physical servers, 200+ workstations, and 250+ mobile devices, accommodating global company growth.
  • Data Center Move/Upgrade: Successfully organized and led project, facilitating the move to a new building, including wiring, equipment and personnel.
  • Virtualization: Supervised the virtualization of physical servers to the new VMware environment increasing network uptime to 99.8% by drastically reducing maintenance window.
  • Communication Systems: Negotiated with vendors and led multiple communications projects to reduce cost and improve customer support, enabling customer relations agents to work from home as circumstances require.


Networking: Active Directory, TCP/IP, VLANs, DNS, Wins, DHCP

Servers/Software: Windows Server 2008/2016, Windows 7/10, Exchange 2010, IIS, IBM iSeries, Veeam Backup, Carbon Black Antivirus, Cisco Umbrella, Google Workspace

Virtualization/Storage & SANS: VMware Horizon, IBM Storwize V7000, Synology NAS

Devices: Cisco & HP Switches, Routers, Firewalls & VPN, Cisco Wireless APs and Controllers, Barracuda Archiver, Web/Spam Filters

Telecommunications: VOIP, ACD, PBX, VoiceMaxx, Cisco CUCM, CJP, Intertel, Mitel, Avaya, Rolm

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Company One, Boston, MA | 20XX – 20XX

Network Engineer, 20XX – Present

Network Administrator, 20XX – 20XX

Programmer, 20XX – 20XX

Promoted twice during employment and continues to contribute to the company’s bottom line with efficient technologies and communication systems. Leads IT projects from beginning to end with the ability to supervise and motivate others. Maintains a friendly, approachable style to collaborate and build relationships.

  • Troubleshoots network and server systems to identify potential issues, determine solutions, and enhance productivity and profitability.
  • Successfully migrates various systems to Google Workspace.
  • Strategically selects and recommends network and communications systems to advance company goals and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Oversees all network wiring and maintenance activities.
  • Instrumental in the design, development, and execution of a new data center including fiber backbone installation and CAT6 wiring.
  • Introduced and implemented a VOIP Cloud solution including the CJP Call Center platform providing employees with the opportunity of working from home.
  • Facilitated the successful network integration of a Swiss Log Robot-based picking and palletizing system for higher warehouse performance.
  • Supervised the set up and upgrade of the wireless environment.
  • Designed and configured upgrades for Active Directory and TCP/IP communications.
  • Programmed in RPG to develop and implement a staging system for the distribution area.
  • Created software to automatically process and print forms.
  • Performed adds, moves and changes to phone system and maintained company directory.


Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, College One, Boston, MA

Associate of Science, Pre-Engineering, College Two, Boston, MA

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

You can also download the Word file for this network engineer resume.

The median annual salary for network engineers is $115,439, but pay ranges from $77,872 to $146,655, depending on your years in the field and location. Find out how much network engineers get paid in your area by using Monster’s Salary Estimator.

Once you’ve created your resume, start clicking on network engineer jobs on Monster. Ready for a move? Consider these five cities where network engineer are in demand:

Wire Your Network Engineer Resume for Success

Your network of opportunities starts with a resume that proves your value to prospective employers. While you may be a pro at troubleshooting poor network performance, conveying your skills and accomplishments in a compelling way may be more challenging. That’s where the resume experts at Monster come in. Just as you configure computer networks for efficient communication, we’ll configure your network engineer resume to communicate your competence to employers.

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