Law School Resume Sample | – Monster Jobs

Law School Resume Sample | – Monster Jobs

Use our law school resume template to apply to internships, clerkships, and summer associate jobs.

Law School Resume Sample | – Monster Jobs

Getting into law school is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Now that you’ve spent countless hours hitting the books, you need to gain hands-on experience in a courtroom or law firm. With so much competition, getting a top internship, clerkship, or summer associate job can be a challenge. But a strong law school resume will increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

A law school resume needs to contain key details about your core competencies, educational background, and professional experience. Employers in the law field look for candidates who have extensive knowledge of federal and local law, analytical skills, and the ability to interpret complex legal documents. Employers also value good communication, organizational, and research skills.

Take a look at our sample law school resume to learn how to feature these skills prominently in your own resume.

Law School Resume Sample

John Jones

Chicago, IL 00000 | (555) 555-5555 | [email protected] |

Ambitious L2 Law Student with Exceptional Research & Writing Skills

Legal Intern – Summer 20xx

Ambitious L2 Law Student who contributes exceptional professional skills from a career requiring tenacity, resilience, and creativity to achieve ambitious goals and deliver high-impact results for clients. Leverages precise legal research and writing skills to compose documents without templates and produce insightful oral arguments for litigation cases. Capably assists multiple attorneys in all aspects of case management. Builds professional rapport by confidently communicating with judicial staff, opposing counsel, and clients.


Legal Research & Writing | Contract Reviews | Brief, Pleading, Memorandum Drafting | Case Analysis | Commercial Litigation

Client Advocacy | Court Correspondence | Electronic Filing (e-filing) | Oral Argument Development | Negotiations

Professional Communication | Ethical Standards | Westlaw | LexisNexis | Microsoft Office


Juris Doctor (J.D.)University One GPA: x.x/4.0 | Expected 20xx

Notable Achievements: List awards, professional group involvement, Moot Court, Law Review, scholarships, etc.

Relevant Coursework: Civil Procedure, Administrative Law, Legal Research and Writing, Property, Torts, Constitutional Law, Corporations, Wills and Trusts, Criminal Law, Litigation, Ethics, Professional Responsibility

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science | University Two | GPA x.x/4.0 | 20xx



Law Firm One | Chicago, IL | xx/20xx – xx/20xx

  • Multitasked to assist five attorneys in a busy commercial litigation firm with all aspects of discovery, trial preparation, court correspondence, and document development.
  • Researched case law and drafted memoranda, pleadings, briefs, contracts, requests to produce, interrogatories, and other legal documents for six ongoing litigation cases involving multimillion-dollar enterprise corporations.
  • Leveraged technology proficiency to implement optimized client database workflow, independently produced timely research using LexisNexis and Westlaw, and quickly mastered e-filing processes.
  • Formulated and implemented a digital checklist to streamline new client intake interviews and swiftly compile relevant data.


Company One | Chicago, IL | xx/20xx – xx/20xx

  • Managed an $800K+ sales portfolio of 60+ small and midsize manufacturing clients, including generating leads, negotiating contracts, analyzing business needs, and coordinating product training.
  • Acquired 11 new clients in first six months, resulting in $50K of immediate revenue and year-over-year growth.
  • Exceeded lead conversion metrics by 3%+ each month by modeling personalized communication, aligning pain points with product solutions, and conducting diligent follow-up using social media, email, phone, and in-person visits.


Company Two | Chicago, IL | xx/20xx – xx/20xx

  • Recruited, trained, supervised, and evaluated performance of 20+ volunteers executing administrative and event support tasks for a three-month student program.
  • Researched and ensured compliance with local, state, and regional regulations related to volunteer screening, allocation, and rights/responsibilities while working with participants from diverse populations.

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