Indeed Pride ad nervousness of the job hunt –

Indeed Pride ad nervousness of the job hunt –

Earlier this year, job search platform Indeed showed its empathy for those on the hunt for employment in its uplifting Super Bowl ad. Now, the brand debuts another heart-tugging message in time for Pride Month.

The story centers on Taylor, an LGBTQIA+ job seeker prepping for a big interview. The camera captures every bit of Taylor’s nervousness and anticipation as they get ready for the big moment, putting on makeup, selecting the right attire and reviewing Indeed’s tips for trans and non-binary individuals. The jitters continue all the way to the office, where we see Taylor checking their manicure minutes before the meeting.

When Taylor finally comes face-to-face with the interviewer, the tension quickly dissipates when he introduces himself: “Hi, I’m Dorian and I use the pronouns he/him,” he says. “Are you comfortable sharing how you’d like to be addressed?”

The spot continues the brand’s promotion of its “#empathyatwork” program and aims to show the benefits of having empathy in the workplace and during the hiring process. It points viewers to a page on Indeed’s site that provides job search tips for the LGBTQIA+ community as well as resources for employers on creating a more inclusive workplace. 

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