How to withdraw a job application when you no longer want it – Stylist Magazine

How to withdraw a job application when you no longer want it – Stylist Magazine

2. Be prepared for further conversation 

If they appreciate your decision but want to talk to you about it and see if they can accommodate you, it’s usually a good sign. You can also have a frank discussion and talk about how they may ameliorate the situation. You might even ask for better amenities here if you can see yourself doing the job. 

“Be prepared for negotiation or a counter-offer,” says Bullimore. “They may genuinely be sad that you’ve chosen another path and want to add more to the offer to keep you. Maintaining your authentic stance, while also sharing gratitude will leave the relationship more positive, and they will more likely respect your decision.”

3. Reach out and connect

When it comes to a job interview, there are usually several people involved in the process. You might not have time to reach out to everybody but try to connect to those you can – before and after the process.

Bullimore advises: “Connect with potential decision makers and the interview panel prior to the interview to nurture a relationship as well as to research the company’s values and workplace culture. Or send a personal message and connect on LinkedIn after the interview process. You can also do this in the event of withdrawing/declining an offer, as it acts as a positive way of sustaining the connections made and letting them know it’s nothing personal.”

4. Show your gratitude 

This seems like a no-brainer, but your manners are super important when it comes to rejecting a role. Say your sorrys and thank yous. People have invested their time in you; show them some courtesy.

Bullimore concludes: “If the position was handled via a recruiter/recruitment agency or member of HR, also include them in the communication of your choice, thanking them for their time. Explain your reasons and express your sincerest apologies.”

It might lessen the blow. You could also opt for a follow-up email saying thanks one last time, just to reiterate that you are indeed very grateful for the opportunity. After all, no one hates being thanked. 

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