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Academic Resume | – Monster Jobs

An academic resume that highlights your professional experience, as well as your achievements in education and publishing, is a must-have in order to be considered for top teaching positions in higher ed. To see how you can arrange your own, check out this academic resume example that resume expert Kim Isaacs created.

Your resume must be cleanly formatted so that the hiring committee can tell with a quick glance whether or not you are a strong candidate. A smart way to help ensure that your academic resume gets noticed is to make use of prominent keywords obtained from the job ad itself.

Often, the requirements for the position are listed in priority order. If the ad says the college or university is looking for someone with “ten years of teaching experience” who also has “administrative experience,” be sure to feature those phrases toward the top of your resume. Don’t make the hiring committee go hunting for this info. You’ll see how we incorporated the phrases into the academic resume example below.

Susan R. Nichols | Early Childhood Education College Instructor
Sometown, MS 38603 • 555-555-5555 • [email protected] • Portfolio URL

  • Dedicated college faculty member passionate about building future early childhood educators who are highly qualified to make a positive impact on the lives of children.
  • Background includes ten years of teaching experience in both college and preschool classrooms as well as administrative experience as assistant director of a pre-K learning center.

Courses Taught at XYZ College

  • Child Development
  • Child Guidance
  • Creative Activities
  • Children with Exceptionalities
  • Early Childhood Administration
  • Field Experience Supervision

DEF UNIVERSITY — Sometown, MS | Master of Arts (MA) in Early Childhood Education, 20XX

Honors: Graduated magna cum laude (GPA: 3.8/4.0)

Thesis: “Pedagogical Approaches Enhancing Interest-Based Learning in the ECE Classroom”

XYZ COLLEGE — Sometown, MS | Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Early Childhood Education, 20XX

Honors: Outstanding Teacher Educator Award * Graduated cum laude

Student Teaching: Completed 12-week student teaching program at ABC Preschool

Professional Experience

XYZ COLLEGE — Sometown, MS

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Instructor, 20XX to Present | ECE Adjunct Faculty, 20XX to 20XX

Brought on board as a full-time instructor following success in part-time teaching role within XYZ’s ECE program. Balance teaching five undergraduate classes per semester with student advisory responsibilities, research activities, and committee work. Maintain office hours to advise students, coordinate field experiences, and work with faculty and administration to support the mission and goals of XYZ College.

  • Demonstrated a deep commitment to advancing the success of academic institution and its students through quality education preparing early childhood educators of tomorrow to thrive in their chosen profession.
  • Received high marks on student evaluations for instructional quality, enthusiasm, and relevance. Earned cumulative ratings of 9 on a 10-point scale by ECE students for the past three years in a row.
  • Wrote grant proposal that secured $15K for development of ECE curriculum incorporating digital technologies.


Preschool Assistant Director, 20XX to 20XX | Preschool Teacher, 20XX to 20XX

Engaged pre-K learners using a child-centered approach. Fostered strong bonds with students, cultivated relationships with parents, and partnered with teachers to provide a safe environment enabling children to learn to grow.

  • Developed innovative curriculum incorporating STEM disciplines, key to enrollment increases from 20XX to 20XX.
  • Received “exemplary” performance review ratings throughout tenure while concurrently earning a master’s degree and teaching evening ECE classes at XYZ College as an adjunct instructor.

Publications & Presentations

Graves, B. and Nichols, S. “Optimizing the Preschool Environment as the Third Teacher to Improve Child-Centered Learning.” Journal of Early Childhood Education, vol. 9, no. 2, Feb. 20XX, pp. 245–249.

Nichols, Susan. “Easy, Hands-On Activities to Incorporate Robotics into ECE Curriculum.” Poster session presented at annual conference of the Early Childhood Educators Association, Atlanta, GA, Sept. 20XX.

Nichols, Susan. “Enhancing STEM Education for Young Learners through Art.” Workshop presented at SE Regional College Educators Conference, Sometown, MS, Aug. 20XX.

For a handy reference guide, you can download the academic resume template in Word and write your resume at your own pace.

The demand for postsecondary teachers will grow by 12% over the next decade, which is much faster than the average occupation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means an influx of roughly 156,700 jobs.

Monster data shows that the median salary for a college professor is $56,048 and ranges from around $40,000 to almost $90,000. There’s a high demand for this position in the following areas:

To find out what you’d earn in your location, check the Monster Salary Tool. Additionally, you can search for research jobs, professor jobs, and higher-ed jobs on Monster.

Can Your Academic Resume Pass the Test?

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