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Whether you’re just starting your career or planning to switch jobs, you may need career advice on several occasions. Though you can talk with mentors, it’s not feasible to book a consultation for each question you have.

In this case, career advice websites can help. Below, we list the eight career advice websites you should follow.

If you’ve ever tried searching for a job online, you already know about Indeed. The job search platform has helped thousands of people find jobs, but perhaps, even more, have benefited from its career advice.

From resumes and interviews to salaries and career development, Indeed has articles on nearly every topic. The categorization makes it simple to find the posts relevant to you.

It also discusses different career paths you can explore. Other than finding jobs, Indeed covers different aspects of career and work-life as well. For instance, you can find advice on relocating, maternity leaves, self-growth, leadership, and career goals.

In short, whether you’re finding a job or not, it’s worth following the Indeed blog.

As the name suggests, HowToBecome tells readers how to pursue any particular profession. From an air traffic controller to a stockbroker, you can find information about dozens of different professions.

HowToBecome covers all the things you need to know when choosing a career—from training and certifications to salary and job prospects.

It features expert advice on its website, where experienced professionals share their views and experiences about their professions.

Moreover, it has a school-finder widget on its website. So you can select your field and degree level, and HowToBecome recommends schools that offer such programs. For anyone confused about choosing careers, this is the go-to site.

Career Karma makes it easy for students and professionals to find suitable online courses. On its website, you also can find several resources related to deciding the best job and moving forward in your career.

It has a great blog on its website, covering everything from preparing resumes to shifting careers. You can find articles about workplace skills, tools, and tips.

Career Karma focuses on tech careers. So if you’re trying to pursue a career in the internet and technology space, make sure to check out the career guides on its website.

Moreover, Career Karma publishes resources about interviews and salaries of tech careers. And if you’re planning to upskill, it can help you pick a suitable program.

CareerAlley is another website that publishes career advice for students and professionals. It has different sections on its sites, covering various aspects and stages of a career.

Whether you want help in writing a cover letter, preparing for an interview, or landing your dream job, you can find a ton of helpful posts on CareerAlley. Moreover, it has pieces on launching your career and getting your first job after college.

CareerAlley frequently shares new career paths and opportunities you can explore. Lastly, you can get tips on work-life and improving interpersonal skills.

Regardless of which stage of your career you’re on, CareerAlley is a great site to follow. You can also sign up for its weekly newsletter.

Part of the Dotdash Meredith family, The Balance Careers has thousands of articles on its website on nearly every aspect of career, job, and work.

The Balance Careers has three main sections on its site: one for finding a job, the other for human resource management, and the last for advancing at your current job.

If you’re looking for a job, you can get advice about resumes, career planning, interviews, job searching, and internships.

Happy in your current position? The Balance Careers shares tips to excel at your job and become more productive. This can help you rise through the ranks in your organization, besides improving your work-life balance.

Although HR management is also covered there, it may not be relevant to your field. Still, going through these articles might help you understand HR recruiters and managers better.

The Muse is a job search platform popular among young professionals. To help you succeed in your career, The Muse publishes practical career advice.

Choosing a career path is undoubtedly a tough decision. The Muse discusses various careers and how you can pursue them. Next, it has articles on the job hunting process, discussing everything from cover letters and interviews to offers and job switching.

The Muse talks about maintaining a happy and productive life while advancing your career. Best of all, it highly emphasizes diversity and inclusion in the workplace, empowering employees to value each other.

If you don’t find the general advice helpful, you can book sessions with coaches and plan your career with them.

Ms. Career Girl aims to help female professionals advance in the careers they love while helping them live a stress-free life.

On this site, you can read in-depth articles on productivity, work-life, and job search. It also gives clear business and entrepreneurship advice. So, whether you’re launching a full-time business or planning a side hustle, make sure to check out this site.

Besides career, Ms. Career Girl covers lifestyle and relationships as well, with a focus on young working women. Moreover, it has a job board and a resume optimization tool to help you land your dream job.

TopResume is a resume writing service that shares its knowledge of writing awesome resumes on its blog.

It talks about work-life balance, making career changes, and interacting with recruiters. It discusses how to deal with unemployment and job search stress. Some other topics include remote work, succeeding in your career, and working in a pandemic.

TopResume also covers some lesser-discussed topics like networking and personal branding. There are articles on making the most out of LinkedIn.

As one would expect, TopResume has a wealth of advice on writing resumes and cover letters that increases your chance of landing an interview.

Make Your Career Decisions Wisely

Your career decisions will affect your life for years to come. Needless to say, you should make decisions carefully. From choosing your path to quitting a job, these career guide websites provide guidance at all stages of your career.

And even if you’re happy with your job and field, you can get advice on moving up in your organization.

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