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There are numerous job search engines to choose from when searching for a new job. Which do you choose? We’ve provided a list of the best job search sites below, including their top features and why they’re worth checking out.

Best job search websites in 2022

1. Ladders

Of course we’re coming out on top in our own list, so the question now is whether we can justify it. Ladders is the #1 career site for $100K+ jobs, with both free and Premium job search options. Boasting over 7 million highly qualified and experienced members, and 22,000+ verified recruiters, it offers easy-to-use, in-depth job search, a “remote only” option, with additional filters based on industry, position level, years of experience and more. Combining many free resources with Premium options, it offers free resume rewrites alongside a Premium “Apply4Me” service, consisting of a dedicated team that completes job applications on behalf of members, saving tons of tedium for time-challenged professionals.

Ladders highlights:

2. Indeed

Indeed launched in 2004 with the slogan: “One search. All jobs.” The slogan summed up Indeed’s focus of building a site that allowed job candidates to find a job with a simple “what” and “where” search. Today, job candidates can search for jobs based on title, location, company reviews, experience level, date posted, and salary information.

Indeed has ten new job listings added per second and more than 250 million users monthly. It provides job options for all levels and lifestyles, from entry to executive and freelance to full-time. Behind the scenes, Indeed’s values — job seeker first, pay per performance, data-driven, innovation, and inclusion and belonging — support the job seeker and the company’s employees.

Indeed highlights:

  • Highly intuitive interface that’s 100% free to search for jobs
  • No account necessary
  • Signing up for a free account allows you to receive alerts when jobs that fit your profile post
  • Account allows you to upload your resume and submit applications more quickly
  • Can receive messages from employers and recruiters with an active account
  • Free salary comparison tool and career advice section available

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network platform in the world. Launched in 2003, the platform now has some 800 million registered global users across all industries. Your LinkedIn profile is your public digital resume that you can easily send to recruiters when applying for an open job. You can also choose to send a stored resume or upload a new one with your applications.

With LinkedIn, you can grow your network through connection requests and add recruiters and hiring managers to your virtual network. It’s possible to search jobs based on location, keywords, title, company name, and more. LinkedIn’s free to use, though it’s possible to pay for its premium version for more features, like who’s viewed your profile, and to gain insights into job applicants for open positions.

LinkedIn highlights:

  • Ability to track the status of your job application
  • You can implement profile privacy features
  • Free LinkedIn career tools and resources are available
  • Provides capability to network with other professionals for free
  • Can create unique URL to add to job marketing materials

4. Monster

Monster was one of the first well-known job search engines. Founded in 1994 with the goal of bringing companies and talent together, the site has grown to 7,900 job searches conducted every minute of each day. Twenty-nine resumes are uploaded per minute each day, as well. Like Indeed, you can search for jobs for all levels and lifestyles on Monster. However, Monster has fewer filters available. You can search by job title, keyword, location, and company.

Monster highlights:

  • Search for jobs and browse career resources for free
  • Monster app available
  • A free account is required to apply for job listings
  • Signing up for the free account allows you to receive email alerts based on your interests
  • Free salary tool available
  • Save search queries and job posting with a free account

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is well-known for company reviews highlighted on its site. Candidates can research employee and candidate reviews on topics like working at the organization, interview experiences, work culture and company management. Glassdoor was created in 2008 to bring honest company reviews and salary information to job seekers and employees. Today, it has more than 1.9 million employers listed and 11 million job listings. More than 100 million company reviews are also available.

Glassdoor highlights:

  • Create a free profile to search for jobs
  • Receive curated lists of job opportunities when you sign up for email alerts
  • Job postings provide company reviews about the organization and its leadership
  • Visit each company’s profile to assess reviews and interview experiences

6. AngelList

AngelList is a one-of-a-kind job search engine that focuses on startups only. Founded in 2010, the site is used by more than 130,000 startups of varying sizes. AngelList also offers transparency by sharing salary ranges and equity options to job seekers up front, while providing candidates with the opportunity to reach out to hiring managers and CEOs directly.

AngelList highlights:

  • Free to use for job seekers
  • Allows job seekers to initiate conversations with startup leadership
  • All application content for submissions is provided within the AngelList platform; no external files can be uploaded
  • Provides name and title of the individuals that will read your application submission

7. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a popular, easy-to-use job search site. With a mission to actively connect people to their next great opportunity, it provides you with the ability to upload your resume with an extensive profile that includes a section to display your work, a bio, your social networks, and your photograph. The site boasts that more than 110 million job seekers and 2.8 million businesses have used ZipRecruiter. You can search by salary, title, keyword, location, and more.

ZipRecruiter highlights:

  • Free to search and apply for jobs
  • ZipRecruiter app available
  • ZipRecruiter’s technology scans thousands of resumes to help employers find candidates

8. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of the best job search sites for remote and flexible job opportunities. It allows you to search for jobs with flexible schedules and working arrangements by industry, locations, company name, keywords, and more. It is free to create a profile. However, there is a fee to apply for job openings. Subscription options range from $6.95 weekly to $49.95 annually. Job listings are carefully curated and updated daily to ensure the job listings are legit.

FlexJobs highlights:

  • Free career counseling and resume resources are available
  • Full-time, part-time, and freelance jobs are available across industries
  • Lots of career events, articles, and additional options are available for subscribers

9. Scouted

Founded in 2015, Scouted is different than other job search sites because it focuses on the philosophy that candidates are more than just their resumes. As a result, candidates have the opportunity to showcase their personalities alongside their resumes, making it the ideal site for candidates just starting out or looking for a career change.

Scouted offers candidates the opportunity to answer virtual interview questions. Though not required, Scouted indicates that candidates are 58% more likely to get an interview if they answer the questions. Proprietary software serves as a matchmaking service to match you with the companies you applied to based on your interview question answers and profile data. If a good match is found, you are invited to an interview.

Scouted highlights:

  • Job searches are free after completing a profile
  • Profiles focus on personal attributes in addition to skills, abilities, and education
  • Provides a holistic perspective for employers searching for candidates

10. Snagajob

Snagajob is one of the few job sites that focus on hourly rates vs. salaried jobs. Founded in 2010, Snagajob typically has more than 700,000 employers registered and over 100 million job seekers using the site. Find jobs for a variety of industries ranging from foodservice and tech to daycare and fleet services. You can filter jobs by hours, industry, location, and jobs that urgently need filling.

Snagajob highlights:

  • Focuses on hourly jobs that you might not find posted elsewhere
  • Free and easy to use
  • Easy application process since your profile functions as your resume
  • Add skills, references, education, and your availability to your profile

11. USAJobs

USAJobs is a job search platform that connects job seekers with federal government jobs in the U.S. and worldwide. With a free USAJobs profile, you can save your favorite positions and searches and upload your resume and other documents. More than 900 jobs are posted daily, with an average of 17,609 jobs open per day. The site boasts more than 6 million active profiles and nearly 221 million visits per year.

USAJobs highlights:

  • Used by federal agencies to post jobs and identify qualified candidates
  • Central database for hundreds of federal jobs
  • Free profile requires an email to sign up
  • Capability to make uploaded resume searchable and visible to recruiters

Whether you’re looking for a $100,000+ job, an hourly job, or a job with a new startup, the list above provides some great starting points as you navigate your job search.

We’re rooting for you!

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